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Miss Sloane

By Brett Haynes 14/03/17

Score: 7.5/10

If you ever want to watch an actress excel at her job, watch Miss Sloane. Jessica Chastain is in fine form and really carries large parts of this Washington drama. Chastain plays Elizabeth Sloane, a lobbyist whose only goal is winning no matter the cost.

Sloane doesn’t sleep and uses vitamins to help stay awake. She calls on male escorts to help her get off. Forde (Jake Lacey) is one who likes to talk too much and tries to get Sloane to confine in him much to her disgust. She manipulates the people around her and also knows how the game, which is Washington, is played and operates. She really has no friends or family, as she was a career woman first.

It’s easy to say Elizabeth Sloane is not a likeable character and anyone who gets to know her will say the same thing. Though she is really good at her job and is considered one of the best lobbyists in Washington. Whether it be for the challenge or because she believes its right, Sloane leaves her powerhouse firm which represents some of the biggest and most powerful people including the Gun Lobby and joins a smaller firm which is trying to push a simple legislation through that will require background checks for handgun purchases.

Sloane picks up a new by the rules boss in Rodolfo Schmidt (Mark Strong) as well as acquiring new enemies in her former bosses George Dupont (Sam Waterston) and Pat Connors (Michael Stuhlbarg) who vow to destroy Sloane career before she can help bring down their biggest client.

Being a political drama there is a lot of political jargon that gets spoken as well as the usual gun debate BS that we often hear. Its ridiculous you can be on an official terrorist watch list and still buy an assault rifle without identification. That’s just something we don’t understand here in Australia. The showdown comes at the end when Sloane is forced before a senate ethics committee. It’s here they show the real corruption of Washington politics.

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As good as Chastain is, she is matched by Gugu Mbatha-Raw Esme Manucharian who both idolizes and despises the way Sloane does her job. Esme is the human implication of Sloane going to far and putting the job before humanity.

While it has some trouble with pacing at times, this is your typical political drama. With dialogue straight from House of Cards or The West Wing, it is gripping. Jessica Chastain performance is the nice cherry on top of the cake. If political dramas are your thing, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

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