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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

By Brett Haynes 18/06/17

Score: 8/10

I was surprised when I heard that this film was getting good reviews. I mean 85% on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t half bad. This is also coming from DreamWorks studios who if you follow my reviews you’ll know I haven’t been that keen on over the last few years.

Captain Underpants is the story of a grumpy principal who turns into the Underpants wearing superhero created by his two least favourite students. Based off the popular book series, it manages to keep all the fun that the books incorporated.

This movie is basically an origin story for Captain Underpants but really our main characters are the two students George (Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch). There best friends as well as the pranksters of the school and the biggest problem to principal Mr Krupp (Ed Helms). When Krupp threatens to separate them into different classes (which they take personally even though they live next door to each other), they hypnotise Krupp turning him into Captain Underpants.

It all starts off as a joke but naturally Captain Underpants needs a villain and that villain comes in the shape of evil science teacher Professor P (Nick Kroll) shows up with the goal of wiping out humour in children forever.

The reason Captain Underpants works so well is because of the relationship between Harold and George. You would think that Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch voicing two children wouldn’t work but you’d be dead wrong. The two characters deliver a lot of heart as they both rely on each other during the bad times and make each other laugh during the good times.

The humour throughout is what you would expect. There is a lot of toilet humour, which actually works considering the material. This is easily one of the funniest films to hit cinemas this year and I’m surprised it’s Captain Underpants. A lot of the humour comes from our main characters as we come to know them and connect with them as the film goes on.

Captain Underpants does have some slight problems here and there like the choice in animation, which can make the film a little jarring at times. Captain Underpants never reaches the humorous or emotional heights that something like an early Pixar film or the Lego movie did. For what its worth, Captain Underpants is a joy to watch and I’m happy to finally once again get to say that about a DreamWorks film.

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