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Transformers: The Last Knight

By Brett Haynes 25/06/17

Score: 3/10

I can still remember when the first Transformers movie came out. I was still in High School just about to take my final exams. That was a decade ago and while the first one was a fun little action movie, they have slowly gone down hill from there. Transformers: The Last Knight is by far the worst of the series as it is simply more of the same. Watching this movie feels like hitting your head against a brick wall for two and half hours.

The Last Knight is more of what we have come to expect from this franchise. This time we start off back in the Middle Ages where we learn that Transformers gave Merlin (yes, he is in this) a staff of great power. That staff is also the one thing that can help bring back Cybertron, which is the main plot.

Once again, like in all the other instalments, Bay spends way too much time focusing on the uninteresting human characters instead of on the characters the films named after. Mark Wahlberg reprises his role of Cade Yeager this time taking in Transformers who are lost. He is being hunted by the newly formed Transformers Reaction Force (TRF), a government force set up to destroy all Transformer life whether it by Autobot or Decepticon.

It takes a while but eventually the staff storyline catches up to Yeager who is taken to England where he meets Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) and this films attempt at creating an actual female character in Oxford University professor Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock). To be fair she is easily the best of the female off siders this franchise has had but really that’s not saying alot. Hopkins steals the show whenever he’s on screen as he is the only person who looks like his having fun. I guess he doesn’t get a lot of roles where he gets to say ‘bitchin ride’. He has some great back and forth with his robot butler Cogman (Jim Carter) that are the funniest things in the film.

This movie works when it focuses on the action set pieces because that’s what Bay is good at. Scenes like a massive car chase throughout London or when Wahlberg is running up a rising space station, which is not just getting attacked by Transformers but also by a giant tidal wave. When he has the human characters in these action scenes, he uses them well. It’s when Bay gives them dialogue that the film fails.

The dialogue throughout this film is horrible. The humor in this movie is the same stuff we have seen in all of the previous installments. From dumb sex jokes to just plain dumb jokes, this is the least funniest inclusion in the franchise.  A lot of the dialogue is just characters explaining stuff almost as if Bay thinks his audience is so dumb that they wouldn’t understand what’s happening unless its told. Everything is announced, every feeling, every reaction.

Last but not least is the big Optimus reveal. He has been teased throughout all of the trailers of going to the dark side. Of betraying his brothers and having a big fight with Bumblebee and it takes place in the final third and last for about ten minutes. Optimus isn’t in this very long (think Joker in Suicide Squad) and it is the biggest let down of the movie. While the fight between Prime and Bumblebee is action packed it comes to late into the film and we’ve already lost interest in anything that’s happening.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to be the last Transformers film directed by Bay, so hopefully if they do make another one they focus more on the Transformers and less on the humans. The franchise has become stale and is basically just repeating itself now. Don’t waste your money on The Last Knight.

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