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Disney in November: The Black Cauldron

By Brett Haynes 14/11/17

So as I’ve mentioned before Disney animation took a massive hit after Walt death, which they really wouldn’t recover from until The Little Mermaid. While they had the occasional hit, they weren’t flowing out like they did in the 50’s and 60’s. To make matters worst, it was taking Disney longer and longer to make with more emphasis going into their live action work more then their animation. So when an animated film didn’t wow audiences, audiences felt kind of ripped off. The film that a lot of Disney fans crown as the shinning example of failure is The Black Cauldron.

This movie was a huge financial failure disappointing critics and audiences alike. It is often considered the lowest point in Disney history. Now days the film is slowly growing a cult status and personally I really have no feelings towards this film. I don’t hate it nor do I love it. I’m neutral.

Ok so what’s the plot about? Well it’s about this teenage boy who wants to be a hero but he is a lot more talk then action (he doesn’t do much). His main responsibility is looking after this pig who has the unique power of whenever it puts its head into water it can see the future. Naturally being a Disney film, the evil Horn King wants the pig so he can use it to find the mystical Black Cauldron, which has the power to bring people back from the dead to create an unstoppable army.

Ok so the main character is pretty annoying. All he does is talk and his ego is enormous too. He is so up himself. He comes across a Princess who really doesn’t need to be a Princess. She doesn’t do any of the princess things that Disney likes to market, she doesn’t wear fancy dresses or sings or talks to small animals. We don’t even see her kingdom. She just a Princess by name and it adds very little to her character. Neither of them are memorable nor stand out in anyway. They are just your generic heroes.

The villain while not overly memorable does have a creepy design and some of the shots are done in a creepy way. The animation does have some creativity to it at times. The biggest problem that this film has is its just not very memorable; it’s as simple as that. It has nothing that stands out similar to several over Disney films that were coming out at the time. It just feels generic and something very undisney.

It is interesting to hear that the film is growing a following because I feel like there is enough here for certain groups to get behind. It just was never really my thing. It’s not the worst Disney film but I would probably skip this one.

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